Our Story

Between 1989 and 1990, my family experienced a desperate need for home health care.

With my recently widowed sister suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 39, my wife and I took her and her two sons into our home. At about the same time, our own son, Ryan, was born with serious health problems. Through this heart-wrenching time, we were constantly looking for consistent home health care for both my sister and our son. We found it difficult to find qualified and committed caregivers who could tend to our family's needs.

Our personal story did not have a happy ending; my sister and son passed away within months of each other. But it was this experience that made me realize the importance of obtaining quality home health care.

In 1993, I put my other business interests aside and focused my energy on a home health care agency that provided both companion and medical nursing care in my home state of New Jersey. I set out to create a concept that would provide the highest degree of care and better service for those in need of home health care.

Now Preferred is providing greatly needed care to families in your community. Preferred looks forward to serving all of your home health care needs with our experi­enced and qualified caregivers.


Joel Markel
Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services

Feel free to call us at anytime at 1-800-603-CARE (2273) to discuss your home care needs.