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Emergency Numbers to Keep at Your Fingertips

If you live alone, it’s important to have emergency numbers handy in the case of a fall or accident. Even if you have live-in caregiver assistance, you’ll want to keep certain numbers nearby to help you with the resources you need. Having emergency numbers handy is important not only for safety; but also for giving you peace of mind, knowing that help is just a phone call away. Here are some important numbers to have nearby. Primary Physician and Hospital If you’re experiencing a change in … [Read more...] about Emergency Numbers to Keep at Your Fingertips

Fall Prevention Home Safety Tips

As you get older, you recognize how important it is to prevent falls in your home. Making just a few small changes to your home can make all the difference when it comes to preventing falls. While falls can hurt anyone, they can be especially dangerous for seniors, who are more at risk for things like hip fractures. Making your home safe from falls doesn’t have to be a difficult task; it only takes a few small changes. Here are a few tips. Declutter Your Floors Having lots of loose items on … [Read more...] about Fall Prevention Home Safety Tips

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