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Transitional Home Health Care

Preferred Hospital To Home Transition Care


Ensure your loved one recuperates quickly and smoothly upon their return home from the hospital with a transitional home health care plan. At Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services, our certified team of home care experts will assist clients with this transition, so you can rest easy, knowing your loved one is in the hands of experienced, compassionate professionals.

When elderly clients are discharged from the hospital, the transition home can be overwhelming for their family if there isn’t a strong support system and home health plan in place. Between scheduling medications and making sure they follow up with their loved one’s physician or therapist, there are numerous responsibilities for caregivers to manage. In addition, without competent transitional care services in place, the risk of a relapse can increase.

We offer a wide range of transitional home care services for our clients, including:

  • Managing client discharge and transfer to home
  • Nursing services, including checking and monitoring vital signs
  • Medication management
  • Assistance with physical therapy
  • Accompaniment to doctor’s appointments or therapy
  • Assistance with self-care
  • Meal preparation and feeding, as necessary
  • Wound or injury care, if needed

Our nurses are skilled in a wide array of medical and non-medical services, and we’re happy to discuss any other transitional home health care services you may require.

When you work with the professional caregivers at Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services, our highly trained and certified staff will make sure that you and your family fully understand all discharge instructions and that they’re followed correctly. We can also arrange transportation home from the hospital and then to and from any follow-up appointments. If your loved one needs to take medication, we’ll ensure it’s administered correctly and on schedule. We’ll also make sure your loved one has all the assistance they need throughout their routine each day.

In all, we make sure that your loved one has a safe, comfortable transition back home.

What Is Transitional Home Care?

Transitional home health care refers to the type of care a person needs following hospitalization or a stay in a rehabilitation center. Oftentimes, our clients are not able to go directly home from a medical facility without some type of transitional home health care plan. A qualified transitional care plan can give the hospital or other medical provider the reassurance they need to  allow a person to return home on their own.

How Does Transitional Care Work?

When you find out that your loved one is able to go home, you can begin putting transitional care in place. You can start by contacting a Preferred team member to coordinate a plan. Additionally, you may want to contact your loved one’s private insurance or Medicare provider by phone to see if you’re eligible for coverage before getting started.

A Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services team member will then discuss all of the options you and your loved one have for home health care. Their care plan might integrate any of our adult & senior care services in order to meet their needs. We’ll also discuss specific care requirements with your loved one’s doctor so everyone is on the same page in the healing process.

Once we find out what their home health needs are, we’ll create a customized transitional home health plan. Your loved one will receive the necessary support, compassion, and services they need.

When your loved one has quality care available at home, their safety and your peace of mind go hand-in-hand.

Get Trusted Transitional Care Services and Support for Yourself or a Loved One

Get in touch with someone at Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services to begin planning your loved one’s transition back home.

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