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"Everything is going very well. The aide is doing very well with "E" and has been cooking and cleaning for him. This has been a load off my mind as "E" is unable to help much. So nice to come home to a house that has been cared for. "E" likes her and says she is an awesome cook!"
- Galloway, New Jersey

"My husband and I used Preferred from June 4-24, 2015, after our baby girl was diagnosed with Benign Infantile Epilepsy. We used three different night nurses so we could catch up on sleep and be reassured that a professional was taking care of our child. This was an extremely stressful and devastating time for my family. One day our baby was your typical 6 month old, the next day our world was turned upside down. The nurses with Preferred really put our minds at ease. They were professional, loving, calm and kind and they were always on time. Our daughter was very comfortable with them, we were as well.

Alison and the staff at Preferred were amazing. We never knew whether we would be at home or the in the hospital. Alison was so understanding and accommodating. And most of all she was easy to contact. She would call daily to follow up from the night before. She was so personable on the phone, that I felt I was talking to an old friend. She really put my mind at ease, which wasn't an easy task and she always managed to put a smile on my face.

My husband and I are forever grateful to have had such a lovely experience. We would highly recommend Preferred to anyone in need of special care.

Thank you Preferred for helping us through this trying time."

Meredith S. - South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to give you an update that my surgery went well this time and I got thru it, yeah! I wanted to thank you and your organization for helping to make that possible. Your organization of the scheduling and your constant communication with me was of great comfort and a terrific assist. Your nurses were great, each of them. They were always on time, very compassionate with trying to make it as painless as possible and very competent. it was just a great assist for what you all did and I do appreciate it very much. Hopefully I won't need your services again, but if so, you will be the first ones I call!"

Tom C. - Sweetwater, New Jersey

"Thanks to the whole staff and nurses that helped and took care of mom this year during her difficult times! I know that it was rough at times, but I really could not have done it without your help."

Cathy B. - Egg Harbor, New Jersey

"Dear Preferred,
We have had a very good experience with your Aide (Stacy) who began last Friday. Every day this week Stacy has been prompt in her 6:30-8:30 time slot. In a brief amount of time Stacy has forged a special bond with our Autistic son and this was very pleasing to us. Your aides are very courteous, professional and attentive. We appreciate your quality of care."

B.W. - Cherry Hill, New Jersey

"We write this letter with high regards and praise for your Director of Nursing, Ms. Gloria Moscatello. She has served by our daughter’s side with her nursing staff ever since our daughter was discharged from Children’s Specialized Hospital in July 2013. We had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Ms. Moscatello through Mr. Sam Grasso.

We now realize that we made the correct decision in selecting Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services over other private duty nursing companies for our daughter’s care. We both work full time and are parents to two children (4 and 19 months) and during our busy schedules, we found it imperative and crucial to discuss Ms. Moscatello’s positive contributions.

Our daughter suffered a spinal cord injury when she was two years old that caused paralysis. She has been in and out of hospitals ever since. This last visit caused by an allergic reaction to an antibiotic forced the doctors to perform a tracheostomy. My daughter required private duty nursing. When we first met with Ms. Moscatello, we knew for sure that we made the appropriate decision in selecting Preferred for our daughter’s needs. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to help our daughter and keep her healthy is exceptional. She met with us several times before selecting the proper nursing staff for our daughter’s personality. When we had minor setbacks from the nurses and the office staff in Hackensack, Ms. Moscatello was hard at work instantaneously to find suitable nurses for my daughter. She also helped us resolve issues with the office staff in Hackensack without having to contact your Headquarters. Ms. Moscatello’s dedication to her job is unbelievable. We noticed firsthand how hard she works and strives to find the proper nurses for our daughter to fit her personality. Ms. Moscatello was able to find the best nurses for our daughter for her condition and we want to praise her for her dedication and her commitment and professionalism. We believe Ms. Moscatello is truly an asset to your company and a Godsend to us. Without Ms. Moscatello talking to our daughter and us in her professional capacity, we would be lost.

We would like to thank you, Mr. Herman, as well as Mr. Joel Markel, for your commitment in finding top talent and the best nursing staff for your company including Ms. Moscatello. There are so many positive qualities that we can discuss about Ms. Moscatello and her commitment to helping children specifically with our daughter.

From our family, we greatly and truly appreciate all your company has provided to assist our daughter and Ms. Moscatello is a blessing. If you would like to discuss Ms. Moscatello further, please feel free to contact us anytime."

Best Regards,
Mr. and Mrs. D. - Clifton, New Jersey

"I had been doing extensive research looking for a service to administer intramuscular injections for myself. These daily injections are usually done by my husband but we needed an alternative for the times that he is out of town. I came across Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services via the Internet, the phonebook and also my insurance company, Aetna. I placed a call to your company late one evening expecting to leave a voicemail. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there is an after-hours support line and they were very informative. I learned that you do provide the services that I required so I left my contact information for a call back during normal business hours. The next day I received a call from both Maria in South Orange and Angela in Hackensack. I worked with Maria as her office is closer to my home in Essex County. The process of becoming a client of PHHC&NS couldn't have been easier. Maria was very professional, friendly, helpful and full of information and advice. Via fax, the necessary paperwork was completed and I had two appointments scheduled for later that week. As the appointments got closer, Maria called me to give me the name of the staff member who would be coming to my home, Brenda Olatubosun.

I don't even know where to begin in telling you how wonderful Brenda was. She called to confirm our appointment, called when she was on her way and called again to let me know that she had pulled into my driveway. Brenda was so warm and friendly and put me at ease instantly. I had been a bit nervous having a stranger come to my house to give me a shot in my back side, but that anxiety disappeared as I walked with her to my front door. She was calm, knowledgeable and gentle in her demeanor and when preparing the injection. Conversation flowed easily between us and she even gave me tips and advice to prevent bruising and soreness during the day when my husband does my future injections. Brenda came for both appointments and I will surely request her in the future if/when I need your services again. I was so relieved and thankful to have such a pleasant person come to my home and I will recommend PHHC&NS to anyone and everyone I know.

Thank you so much and I look forward to being a client of yours for a long time."

Lyndsay C. - Cedar Grove, NJ

"Your staff is wonderful and I truly love each one of them. This has been a difficult and heartbreaking time for our family and I appreciate all the support these women (nurses) have given us. It has given me more confidence to be able to care for my son in the best way possible. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story for him. He still has several surgeries to undergo in the coming months and my hope is that knowing that these women will be available to come back, I will be able to get him out of the hospital sooner and home to his own environment."
Debi P. - Marlboro, NJ

"Thank you to Preferred and all of the employees who have improved my life and given me a part of myself back. You have no idea how much all of your help has lifted my spirits. I will be forever grateful to the entire Preferred team."
Joanne G. - Mount Holly, NJ

"Dear Preferred,
Thank you for sending wonderful "Ms. S" to me. She is truly a diamond in the rough."
Marilyn S. – Ventnor, NJ

"I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your assistance in getting our father, "Mr. S", care this Summer in Margate.
"R" was very helpful, and we appreciate Preferred Home Health Care working with us to provide the best possible care for him.
God Willing they both will be returning to Margate next Summer.
Thank you again,"
Cindy - Margate, NJ

"Preferred has been caring for my daughter since September 2007. She receives 16 hours of skilled nursing care per day, 7 days per week. I am very pleased with the nurses caring for my daughter. They are all very friendly, kind, and compassionate. The nurses know how to work the ventilator and feeding pump. My daughter has the same nurses caring for her so she feels comfortable. I have been able to work with the scheduling coordinator. He makes sure all the shifts are filled. The nurse supervisor is always available to me and works with the insurance company. I am very pleased with Preferred Home Health Care and would recommend them to any parent needing skilled nursing care for their child."
Devin T. - Little Egg Harbor, NJ

"Thank you for the two kind and gentle nurses you sent to my home to care for my husband. It was his last two days and they were so gentle and caring with him. I applaud your organization. Thank you!"
Joanne T. - Jersey City

"I just wanted the opportunity to thank Preferred Home Health Care as a whole for the wonderful service you have provided me. When I moved here in May 2004 I was very uncertain of what kind of service I'd actually receive as compared with the agency I had used prior to my move. I can honestly say I have been pleasantly surprised. Your field staff has proven to be excellent, equal to or better, than that which I had grown accustomed to in North Jersey. They all perform with a great amount of skill and professionalism as well as with a pleasant demeanor. This makes my life easier as I can feel assured my care is being done by truly knowledgeable people. All the nurses show proper concern for my privacy and treat my parents with due respect. The office staff is the utmost quality. Any issues I might have had with scheduling in general, or with particular nurse, are always given the proper amount of attention. Problems are addressed quickly. My schedulers have always treated me with great respect for my wishes and always kept my concerns to mind when making out my schedule. Just like the field staff, they always present a professional, yet pleasant demeanor that allows me to pursue my own life goals with out concern. Any issue I've brought up you have handled quickly and with excellent results. Your cheerful manner makes dealing with you a pleasure and allows me the freedom to speak my mind. Thank you again,"
Andy M. - Manchester, NJ

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for the high quality of service that Preferred has provided for my family. Your nurses have been extremely competent, compassionate and committed. Your administrative staff has been responsive and reliable. It is really nice to have one less thing to worry about."
Liza K. - Bala Cynwyd, PA

"Our daughter's life and our families life has been positively changed by the consistent and extremely reliable nursing staff.
The agency and nursing care has given our daughter and our family a more fulfilled life. Our daughter has been able to go to school and be integrated with her peers. The nursing staff has exuded unconditional compassion, expertise and professionalism."
Jenifer L. – Philadelphia, PA

"To the staff, thank you for always providing us with caring and knowledgeable aides. To the aides,I thank you for all the kindness and excellent care you gave to my mother. Without your capabilities, we would not have been able to keep her home as long as we did.
Pam and Ray A. – Absecon, NJ

"I want to express my sincere appreciation for that our insured, "Ms. N.", is receiving from Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services. As you know "Ms. N." has quite a complicated medical history. At the time of our loss she sustained a C5-6 fracture with result in quadriplegia. She was able to live independently for many years with the 24 hour assistance of home health aides. In December 2004, "Ms. N." was hospitalized and had multiple complications over the next several months. She is now ventilator dependent, requiring 24 hour skilled nursing care. Preferred Home Health Care has consistently provided Ms. N. with highly technical nursing care. Shifts ware covered and "Ms. N." has actively participated in the selection of the nursing staff. This case is unusual as "Ms. N." has no primary care giver in the home. Preferred Home Health Care was the only agency that would agree to take this case so that our insured could remain in her home. She is able to go into the community outings as some of the nurses have learned to drive her equipped van. The decision by Preferred to take this case allows our insured to maintain a quality of life that she would not have if she were to live in a long-term care facility. On behalf of "Ms. N." and Travelers, I would like to thank you and the staff from Preferred for the time and attention it takes to keep this case staffed with qualified nurses who genuinely care for "Ms. N."
Case Management Dept. – Travelers Insurance

"We hired Preferred to provide a live-in aide for my mother about three years ago. The personnel of this agency have preformed outstanding work. They provided excellent support through very difficult times: were available during all hours of the day and night, always returned phone calls, were constantly checking on the performance of their employee and in general provided all the services they committed to. Over the years, they demonstrated consistent performaces with no trace of complacency. They were there for us when we needed them; during emergencies, holidays and weekends. In the past, I have used other agencies for other member of my family and Preferred is the best of any I have used. Based on my experience, their fees are competitive and you will be pleased should you decide to hire Preferred. Their aides have all been well trained and do excellent work. Most importantly, Preferred worked with us in finding the perfect match between my mother and her aide. As you can imagine pairing a 96 year old woman and a live-in aide is not an easy task. We highly recommend Preferred with out reservation."
Carlo and Kathy C. – Whiting, NJ

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