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Jan 1 2024

Importance of Self-Care for Nurses

It’s no secret that nurses work busy schedules and long hours. It’s not just a physically demanding career, but one that takes a significant emotional toll at times. This physical and emotional demand must be on a nurse’s radar, as it can lead to a lack of focus, forgetfulness, and mental mistakes due to exhaustion, […]
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Oct 30 2023

The Latest Gadgets and Apps Every Nurse Should Know About

It’s no secret that technology is growing almost faster than those in health care can keep up. Every day, yet another gadget, device, or app is being released that could be helpful to nurses and those in the health care field. Not only are these neaw developments highly convenient to nurses on the go, but […]
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Jul 19 2023

How AI Might Impact the Future of Nursing

You cannot go on the internet or read an article nowadays without seeing at least something mentioned about the advancements and benefits of AI (which stands for artificial intelligence). Whether you see stories about ChatGPT or the progress of robotics, the world of technology is exploding with these developments.  So what is AI, and most […]
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Jun 7 2023

Making the Move: Hospital to Home Health Nursing

There has been a noticeable shift in the nursing profession in recent years, with many nurses opting to transition from hospitals or acute care settings to home health care. This trend is not surprising, considering the changing dynamics of health care, the high burnout associated with working through the pandemic, and the ever-present and increasing […]
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May 4 2023

2023 Nurses Week Freebies, Deals, and Discounts

Springtime is here, which means Nurses Week is upon us! It goes without saying that nurses are often the unsung heroes in the health care world today. They work long hours to care for you and your loved ones tirelessly, and they are the foundation and backbone of our health care systems and communities. So, […]
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Apr 25 2023

Benefits Of Home Health Nursing

When graduating with a nursing degree, one of the things you will hear the most is how versatile a career as a nurse can be. The options are endless, including career opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and schools. But one of the fastest growing and appealing positions to explore as a nurse is […]
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Mar 11 2023

At-Home Spring Activities for Seniors and the Elderly

The days are slowly getting longer, the winter thaw is upon us, and yes, that means spring is in the air! More than likely, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of spring is the desire to get outside and enjoy the warming weather, chirping birds, and plentiful outdoor activities. Older adults […]
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Feb 13 2023

Health Care: Hospital vs. Home

Due to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, an overall theme of the last three years has been an emphasis on “staying home.” While at first, it was vital to our health to stay home, over the years, it has allowed our homes to evolve from a safe space and encompass many things we didn’t […]
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Jan 18 2023

5 Warning Signs That an Aging Parent Needs Help at Home

It’s safe to say that the goal of most people approaching the latter half of their life is to grow old gracefully. And while many challenges emerge for those approaching their “mid-life era,” a common one for many people is helping with the care of now-elderly parents or loved ones. While it may not be […]
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Oct 20 2022

Three Best Shoes for Registered Nurses 

If you literally never want to sit down on the job, a nursing career may be for you. When you think about jobs requiring a lot of standing, some obvious ones, like cooks, cashiers, and bartenders, come to mind. And when you picture people sitting around at work all day, you probably picture accountants and […]
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