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Private Duty Nursing

PRIVATE DUTY NURSING Caring for a loved one with a chronic condition while maintaining your own life can be hard to handle alone. You want to make sure your loved one gets the medical care they need, along with a level of attention, social interaction, and personal assistance that provide a fulfilling daily life. Making frequent visits to the doctor’s office quickly becomes impractical. Perhaps you’ve looked into nursing facilities or other assisted living facilities, but you don’t feel … [Read more...] about Private Duty Nursing

Pediatric Home Care Services

Your Pediatric Home Care Agency Our pediatric home health nurses understand how important it is for parents to have the best pediatric home health care. We also know the challenge parents often face in finding specialty programs for their children.  Our pediatric nurses have extensive experience working with pediatric clients and their families. They have the professional skill to care for your child's daily needs, as well as the compassion that plays a vital role in their ongoing … [Read more...] about Pediatric Home Care Services

Pediatric Health Care At School

ONE-ON-ONE NURSING CARE FOR CHILDREN IN SCHOOL While your child is at school, the last thing you want to worry about is their safety and well-being. At Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services, our Pediatric Division can assist on every level, at home or at school. At school, our nurses work one-on-one with your child, providing compassionate support and a variety of services, from essential personal care to complex nursing services. Our Pediatric School Services Include, But Are … [Read more...] about Pediatric Health Care At School

Home Skilled Nursing Services

NURSING AND MEDICAL CARE AT HOME With in-home skilled nursing, your loved one can enjoy the comfort of home while benefiting from the same level of medical care found in skilled nursing facilities. Our experienced and certified medical professionals provide home health services to clients who are elderly, injured, or sick, to ensure the highest-quality care services. Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services has been providing skilled nursing services to at-home patients for over 30 … [Read more...] about Home Skilled Nursing Services

Personal Home Care Services

DIGNITY AND PRIVACY AT HOME WITH PERSONALIZED CARE One of the most frustrating things for many seniors is the inability to do the activities and tasks that were once second nature. At Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services, we understand that seniors don't want to lose the independence they've enjoyed for decades. Our home health care services are designed to help your loved one keep doing the activities they love and maintain their dignity in the privacy of their home. With our … [Read more...] about Personal Home Care Services

Home Companion Services

HOMEMAKER & HOME COMPANION CARE FOR SENIORS The Little Things Make All The Difference As our loved ones age, a little bit of assistance and companionship can mean a lot. Seniors often experience circumstances that lead to feelings of loneliness or isolation, as well as difficulty keeping up with everyday household tasks. This may be because their children are adults and have moved away, their spouse or family and friends have passed on, or their mobility is limited. Whatever the … [Read more...] about Home Companion Services

Live-in Home Care Services

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS... …but sometimes with age, illness, or injury, simple household chores can become a burden. Making the bed, doing the laundry, managing personal care, and other household tasks can become tiresome for a person to handle alone. Even healthy seniors may tire without assistance from live-in home care services, leaving little time for them to enjoy activities with family and friends. Homemakers can make life easier, through personalized care plans and support. With … [Read more...] about Live-in Home Care Services

In-Home Respite Care Services

WHAT IS IN-HOME RESPITE CARE? Caring for an aging family member can be a meaningful, heartfelt devotion of your energy. Yet it can become overwhelming and stressful, draining of your much-needed “me time.” On one hand, it's normal and okay to feel those emotions around family caregiving. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be that way. Time spent with your loved one should be as relaxed and joyful as possible. That’s why at Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services, we provide … [Read more...] about In-Home Respite Care Services

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