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2023 Nurses Week Freebies, Deals, and Discounts

Springtime is here, which means Nurses Week is upon us! It goes without saying that nurses are often the unsung heroes in the health care world today. They work long hours to care for you and your loved ones tirelessly, and they are the foundation and backbone of our health care systems and communities. So, it is incredibly fitting that a week has been established to celebrate all the nurses who have dedicated their lives to caring for others. Nurses Week 2023 will be celebrated from May 6 -May 12, with National Nurses Day occurring on the first day of that week, on May 6th. If you know and love a nurse, you are a nurse, or you would like to show appreciation to an outstanding nurse, here are some fantastic deals, freebies, and giveaways for Nurses Week 2023.

Electronics and Tech Nurses Week Deals

So many companies are jumping on board to honor nurses during Nurses Week, which means there are fantastic deals and coupons to be found, ranging from electronics to food to items that nurses use in their everyday practice. Let’s start with some bargains in the electronics and technology area. A deal is available from Verizon Wireless in which nurses and their families can get the Welcome Unlimited Plan for $20 per line for four lines. This offer is available for new or existing customers. Nurses can also get Verizon’s Fios 1 Gig Internet plan for just $49.99/month. Or if AT&T is your preference, they also weigh in with a deal for nurses and health care workers that you can check out here AT&T Nurses Week Deals. Two other technology offers that we really love are Bose and Doorbell, so go ahead and get yourself tech-savvy and update your phones and electronics with these great deals!

Restaurant Nurses Week Deals

The next category is near and dear to any nurse’s heart: food! The food and dining deals and coupons are plentiful for Nurses Week, so keep your eyes open, even at local places that may advertise less sparingly. Many restaurants honor nurses during Nurses Week, including Outback Steakhouse, where you can get 10% off your check with a valid medical ID. And while Chick-Fil-A doesn’t offer a National Nurses Week discount, many of their local franchises do – check their website to find your local restaurant. Some other offers on yummy food goodies are Mrs. Fields Cookies, where you can save as much as 25% off the entire Heroes Collection of gifts for Nurses Week. KIND Bars and GOAT Fuel have some deals worth checking out. And if you’re trying to stay healthy and cook meals at home, Thrive Market and Hello Fresh have some opportunities for nurses to save money and stay health conscious as well.

Retail Nurses Week Deals

The next category is retail sites; the list of retailers thanking nurses with deals is quite long! If you want to get some new gear, Adidas offers a great deal where nurses receive 30% off in-store and on the Adidas website and 20% off at factory outlet stores when you verify your status as a nurse with And ASICS has a fantastic promotion where medical professionals can enjoy 40% off full-priced products online when they confirm you’re their health care worker status using SheerID. Some other great deals for discounts on clothing and footwear are available through retailers like Nike, Lululemon, Vineyard Vines, Vera Bradley, Crocs, and Under Armour, to name a few. So definitely head on over to those websites to take advantage of more deals!

Health and Wellness Nurses Week Deals

One last category to find some deals is health and wellness. Nursing can be a stressful career sometimes, so keeping up with health and wellness is essential. One sale in this category that is super exciting is Stanley, which is offering up to 20% off through for a new Stanley mug, which is all the rage in the hydration game right now! Another good deal to keep up on your water intake is this one from Yeti. Keeping up on vitamins and nutrition is also crucial to good health, which is where these deals from Ritual and GNC come in handy. And one of my favorites in this category is the 30% off deal for first responders through Pachamama, promoting calmness and rejuvenating mental health through CBD products. They call this deal “self-care for the selfless,” which is perfect.

Remarkably, the deals mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg of unique opportunities available during Nurses Week. We cannot possibly mention them all, but they exist in so many additional areas, like entertainment, beauty, travel, furniture, and the list goes on and on. Explore websites and keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic deals. And if you know or love a nurse, remember to use this opportunity to thank you in the upcoming weeks for all the selfless acts of care and dedication they show daily.

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