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The Latest Gadgets and Apps Every Nurse Should Know About

It’s no secret that technology is growing almost faster than those in health care can keep up. Every day, yet another gadget, device, or app is being released that could be helpful to nurses and those in the health care field. Not only are these neaw developments highly convenient to nurses on the go, but they are almost imperative to capitalize on maximum care for your client load with minimal stress or disruption to your day. While many devices and gadgets are coming out daily, we’ve found some favorites to highlight below.

As any nurse can tell you, their stethoscope is an extension of themselves. It’s most likely one of the first pieces of medical equipment gifted to or procured by many young nursing students and one of the first they learn to use. The Eko CORE Digital Attachment is an addition to your regular stethoscope that converts it to a digital stethoscope. The attachment goes between the tubing and the chest piece of a stethoscope. Its features include noise cancellation technology, 40X amplification, and live streaming for telemedicine applications. The Eko CORE Digital Attachment is a fantastic piece of equipment that can help all nurses save lives.

The next incredible gadget is less tech-savvy but still pure genius. Described as a “must-have for nurses working in home health care or hospice,” the Steering Wheel Desk Tray by EcoNour is a device that clips to your car’s steering wheel, creating a handy desktop for your laptop or for grabbing lunch on the go. The tray is two-sided, one for food and the other for your laptop. It’s flat and easy to store when it’s not in use. It is described as “slim, sturdy, lightweight, and ergonomically designed for mobile workers.” Not one you’d want to miss if you’re a home health care nurse on the go.

In addition to the helpful gadgets, there is no shortage of apps designed to help busy nurses streamline their workday and life. One in particular for home health nurses is NurseGrid Mobile. As we all know, maintaining an efficient schedule is critical for a nurse traveling from client to client every day. Ranked the #1 nurse app nationwide, NurseGrid Mobile is a scheduling platform “with over one million downloads and counting.” The app states, “By spending less time tracking your schedule, you’ll be able to enjoy more work-life balance between client visits.”

Another app we found that would be invaluable to the home health care nurse is MileIQ . When mileage reimbursement is a huge component of your paycheck, having the best possible app is imperative to ensure you track every mile accurately. With precise and reliable tracking, MileIQ uses your smartphone’s built-in GPS to maintain a comprehensive mileage log with minimal input needed from you. To keep track of your personal driving, it’s as simple as just swiping left and beginning your drive. This one is worth downloading for the busy nurse attempting to make the most of their day.

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