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The Importance of Celebrating Spring, Especially When Your Work is Stressful

The longer days, chirping birds, budding blossoms, and warmer air can only mean one thing: spring has officially sprung! There’s nothing that lifts the spirits quite like the first hints of the new season, and in fact, studies have shown that a short walk in nature can boost well-being and help to prevent depression. In addition to spending more time outdoors, there are several easy ways to celebrate spring inside, too, which is especially important when your work is stressful. Plus, many of these ideas can be used with your clients, so they can take part in, and benefit from, the joys of springtime, without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

1. Open the windows!

Though the simplest idea on this list, letting in a soft breeze and sunshine may be our favorite way to welcome the spring season.

2. Grow some green.

Plants aren’t just nice to look at, they make us feel good, too, by cleaning indoor air as they absorb toxins, increase humidity, and produce oxygen. Some hypoallergenic options include marginata, a tricolored, dragon tree houseplant that’s pretty low-maintenance and easy to grow indoors; peace lily, an easy-to-care-for evergreen that doesn’t need a lot of water or light to flourish; and aglaonema, or Chinese evergreen, which is another low-maintenance houseplant that functions as a natural air purifier.

3. Stop and smell the rose(s).

While a dozen long stems are pretty, we’re actually talking about essential oils here. These potent oils are extracted from plants to capture their flavors, scents, and overall beneficial properties. They can be used in a diffuser, bathwater, or rubbed on the wrists (though keep in mind any allergies you might have prior to using). Some of the most popular essential oils include lavender, which is often used to help relieve stress and anxiety and promote good sleep, and lemon, as many people find the citrusy scent to be a mood booster.

4. Listen to the sounds of nature.

With countless free videos available on YouTube and many sound machines offering options like mountain river, bubbling brook, campfire crackle, chirping birds, and waves crashing, among others, you can instantly transform your space into an outdoor oasis with just the click of a button.

5. Feed the birds.

Set up a bird feeder by your window and enjoy the sights and songs all day long.

As we leave winter behind and usher in spring, now is the perfect time to refresh your living space with elements that harness the power of nature.

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