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Where to Buy Gently Used Medical Equipment

Needing to pay out-of-pocket for medical equipment because insurance doesn’t cover the expense can be an enormous burden on top of an already difficult situation. Now, more people are purchasing used medical equipment from reputable companies that provide clean and safe devices at a significantly lower cost. Gently used medical equipment can cost half of what it would brand new, while still providing patients with the care, support, and technology they need.

It’s important to be extra-vigilant when researching used medical devices to ensure the quality and safety of the equipment. Size, calibration, and customizations may vary by device, so it’s crucial to note all dimensions to get the proper equipment.

While used medical devices and equipment are available for purchase on sites such as eBay and Craigslist, buying from a trustworthy seller can make the process easier and safer. From sanitation to clear return policies, the following companies have processes in place to ensure the used medical equipment sold meets extremely high standards.


DOTmed is a public trading forum that only focuses on medical equipment, parts, and services. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing through DOTmed is that all sellers are vetted and only high-quality, reputable sellers are allowed to post items for sale on the site. Items listed have detailed information including condition, price, dimensions, etc., so buyers can find exactly what they need.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment:

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment understands that whether a person has insurance or not, the cost of home medical equipment and supplies restricts those with ongoing medical conditions from getting what they need. The company refurbishes and sanitizes all equipment, ensuring that everything purchased from the site works as promised and is safe to use as soon as it arrives. Wheelchairs, hospital beds, canes, walkers, pediatric equipment, shower chairs, and more can all be found through Goodwill Home Medical Equipment at an affordable price.

Refurbished Equipment Marketplace:

The Refurbished Equipment Marketplace offers a 30-day warranty on all equipment and parts sold because the organization strongly stands by the quality of their refurbished products. Experienced technicians inspect, clean, and tune up all equipment before it is shipped, offering purchasers peace of mind. The Refurbished Equipment Marketplace is a nonprofit organization that wants to get medical equipment and parts to those who need it at the most reasonable price.

Assistive Technology Act Programs:

In the United States, federal funding is provided through ATAP to each state and territory to support individuals of all ages in need of certain medical equipment. Many states even offer demonstrations and training programs so that patients and loved ones are able to use the equipment safely and efficiently. Through reutilization programs, individuals are able to purchase used medical equipment at a significantly reduced price. View a list of the programs available in each state and find contact information for each state program by visiting the program directory.

Other Options and What to Keep in Mind:

There are several public trading forums for used medical equipment such as, eBay, and Craigslist, but there are no guarantees on the quality, functionality, or cleanliness of the equipment being sold. While there are fantastic options on those sites, it’s important to put in the extra research.

  • Read sellers’ reviews
  • Check model numbers and dimensions
  • Ask for photos of the specific equipment being sold (not stock photos or photos off a website)
  • Ensure the equipment is functional
  • Look for any red flags in the listing
  • Ask any and all questions

Medical equipment is a significant purchase, so take a little extra time when browsing public trading forums to ensure the equipment or parts are high quality and functional before purchasing.

Buying used medical equipment is a great, affordable option for those with an ongoing medical condition. For high-quality, clean, and safe equipment, be sure to purchase from a reputable seller and ask any questions to ensure the equipment is a perfect fit.

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