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Benefits of Pediatric Private Duty Nursing

When a child needs special personal care because of a developmental or physical disability or chronic condition, you may not be sure where to look. You also might think that one-on-one care services are unaffordable.

Children with special health care needs can get quality care from a provider like Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services, and you might also be able to pay for this type of pediatric care using Medicaid or another form of insurance.

What Are the Benefits of Pediatric Private Duty Nursing?

Pediatric private duty nurses, also referred to as pediatric PDNs or pediatric visiting nurses, provide one-on-one skilled nursing care for children. They provide the necessary medical services in their client’s home or school instead of in a medical facility.

Benefits of Private Duty Nursing

Here are the ways that children with medical conditions, or physical or developmental disabilities, can benefit from a private duty nursing service.

  • Children can participate in home and school activities instead of having to stay in a nursing facility or receiving institutional care.
  • Parents and family caregivers get assistance from a skilled nurse who can provide professional-level health services.
  • Medicaid or private insurance health plans may cover this form of personal care assistance.
  • Children with disabilities who have direct care from a visiting nurse spend less time in hospitals or health care facilities.
  • A private duty nurse can show parents how to provide the best care for their child.
  • The nurse will handle medications and ensure medical equipment works properly, providing parents with peace of mind that comes from having a professional, qualified provider care for their child.

To get these benefits, you want to be sure to choose an experienced care professional like those at Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services.

How Do You Know if You Need In-Home Pediatric Nursing Services?

Children may need one-on-one attendant care for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common include:

  • Frequent seizures
  • Neurological disorders
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Respiratory issues, including those requiring a ventilator
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Partial or total paralysis
  • Severe chronic diseases
  • Dangerous respiratory conditions
  • Complex children with developmental and behavioral issues

Once you decide you need care, you need to figure out how to cover it. There are several options for eligible children:

  • Medicaid
  • Private health insurance
  • A managed care organization
  • Private pay
  • Service reimbursement

Next Steps

(How Medicaid Can Help)

The steps to obtain private duty nursing services depend on where you live and the policies of local health agencies.

  • In New Jersey, you can take advantage of the Comprehensive Waiver law that supports people of all ages with disabilities or chronic health conditions. Parents can call the Division of Disabilities Services (DDS) at 1-888-285-3036 to speak with a specialist.
  • In Pennsylvania, you need to file a 1915 (c) waiver, which waives parental income as a factor in determining Medicaid eligibility. You can call 1-888-565-9435 to find out more.
  • You can also file for a 1915 (c) waiver in Delaware. Information is available through the state’s Medicaid office.

What paperwork do you need? If you want Medicaid to cover private duty nursing care, you usually need to file a 1115 waiver or a 1915 (c) waiver. In some cases, you need clinical documentation to prove your child’s care needs.

Quality, Personalized Pediatric Private Duty Nursing Care

Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services has been helping families with the Medicaid process and providing reliable, compassionate, and skilled pediatric health care for more than three decades. We were founded on compassionate home care for children as well as adults, and we’re here to help you give your child the healthiest, most fulfilling childhood possible.

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