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Pediatric Private Duty Nursing

What Is Pediatric Private Duty Nursing?

A child with special needs requires extra TLC. While parents give their child enormous love and attention, this extra level of care can be difficult to handle on your own because it requires special skills.

These are the skills of a pediatric private duty nurse, also called a pediatric PDN or pediatric visiting nurse. This health care specialist is a registered nurse (RN), a licensed practical nurse (LPN), or a vocational nurse who provides clients with one-on-one care at home and/or at school.

At Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services, our pediatric team gives you all the assistance and guidance you need to lift some of the weight of special needs care and teach you best care practices.

Our pediatric PDNs are compassionate, professional, and available to provide the everyday health and emergency medical care your child needs to lead a healthy and wholesome childhood.

Find a location near you or contact Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services today to learn more about our pediatric private duty nursing services.

When Does a Family Need a Pediatric Private Duty Nurse?

Children who qualify for one-on-one pediatric care services usually have medical conditions that require consistent, ongoing care. Examples of conditions that could necessitate at-home care include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Frequent seizures
  • Severe asthma
  • Neurological disorders
  • Conditions from a premature birth
  • Respiratory issues
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Organ transplant patients
  • Palliative care for a child with a terminal condition (such as cancer care)
  • Multiple conditions
  • Paralysis

Private duty nurses who provide hourly care or around-the-clock care may be paid out of pocket, by insurance, with the help of managed care organizations, or with Medicaid. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to learn what coverage you’re eligible for.

What Families Can Expect During the First Visit from a Private Duty Nurse

Before the first visit, your nurse or our office will call you to inquire about your child’s food or drug allergies. We will also communicate with your child's primary care physician to get information on required care, medicines, equipment, and supplies.

On the very first visit, the visiting nurse will review your child’s living space and speak with you about any services requested by the physician. The nurse may then assess your child for more insight into their level of care needed. Then, the nurse will develop a comprehensive care plan and communicate it to you.

Our nurse will also work with parents to tailor a schedule to your child's needs. The timeline will include administering any medications (especially injectable medications), eating, bathing, and any other types of care that the child requires. Depending on your child's needs, the pediatric home nurse will provide specialized care, such as checking feeding tubes or ventilation systems. The visiting nurse will also maintain the child's hygiene, diet, and other basics with the guardian or parent.

For children with psychosocial challenges like Down syndrome or autism, the nurse may tailor physiotherapy and psychosocial activities to help your child improve self-care and be independent.

The primary advantage of this type of skilled nursing care is that it can address the unique needs of your child and offer a care plan that addresses all of these needs.

What Are the Benefits of Pediatric Private Duty Nursing?

Pediatric visiting nurses have the same qualifications as nurses at a clinic or hospital, but they focus on one client at a time, instead of many. They work with children who have lifelong or long-term medical conditions that require specialized, ongoing care, and personalized attention.

In addition to enjoying greater peace of mind from working with compassionate, skilled professionals, parents can enjoy the following benefits when working with a pediatric PDN:

  1. Your child’s quality of life will improve. They will spend more time at home or in school, and spend less time in medical facilities. Your child will be active and engaged and will feel less like a fragile child.
  2. Your child will get one-on-one personal care and medical attention from their nurse at a more personalized level than in a hospital.
  3. As a parent, you can focus on work duties, homemaking tasks, and other children; or you can take time to rest and recharge.
  4. You will learn skills to care for your child with the help of a healthcare professional, and you can participate in the medical care while your nurse is visiting.


Where to Find a Top Private Duty Nursing Provider

Hiring a home health nurse for your child is the best way to ensure the preservation of a child’s independence while receiving necessary care. It’s very important to get a nurse who can provide the kind of compassionate, appropriate, skilled care that will bring the best possible outcomes for your child.

The Pediatric Division of Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services brings specialized knowledge and understanding to provide high-quality care for children with special medical needs.

Contact Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services today or find a location near you to talk to us today about getting specialized private duty nursing services for your child.

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