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Elder Care with Preferred Home Health Care

If you have an elderly loved one who needs caretaking, the best option is often for them to stay in their home. For those who are not always available to care for their loved one, Preferred Home Health Care offers a comprehensive list of elder care services. We can help you determine what type of care is right for your situation.

Our skillful nursing and caregiving staff has been trusted throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware for more than 30 years. We keep our fully bonded and insured team members up-to-date with all of their certifications. Many of them are trained in specialty care, such as respiratory therapy. Each and every nurse and caregiver at Preferred Home Health Care is capable of ensuring your loved one’s home is the healthiest, safest, and most comfortable place for them.

Why Use Home Health Care for an Elderly Person?

While senior citizens who need care have many options, both they and their family members usually prefer they continue to live at home if possible.

Moving to an outside care facility is physically and psychologically stressful, and involves a great deal of work and planning. If the person in need of care is at home, the only “moving” task may involve bringing in some necessary medical equipment.

Being in an assisted living facility or nursing home may also bring daily stressors. People in these types of environments often deal with social isolation, loneliness, homesickness, dissatisfaction with the accommodations, and a feeling of impersonal treatment from staff who can’t focus on one individual because they have to care for everyone.

A senior who lives at home and receives care there, by contrast, has all the comfort and familiarity they are used to. Since a home visit is easier to make in many ways, they’re often more likely to see family and friends, even those who are not responsible for their care. They are also surrounded by reminders of the past and family memories, and they have a chance to bond socially with their individual caregiver, who only needs to focus on them.

All of this means that family members can enjoy greater peace of mind with their elderly loved one at home, knowing that the same trusted person is always caring for them.

What Do Elder Caregivers Do?

Preferred Home Health Care offers both live-in care and 24-hour home care as senior care options.

Live-in home care focuses on housekeeping, grooming, personal comfort, meal preparation, medication reminders, and companionship, as well as transportation and appointment scheduling. A live-in caregiver stays in the home over a long period of time and is the single main caregiver during this period.

A more direct medical care model is 24-hour home health care. This type of care brings nurses into the home in shifts to provide medication administration, IVs, oxygen-assisted respiration, ventilator monitoring, and other types of specialized care.

Learn more about the difference between these two types of care.

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