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What Are the Benefits of Becoming a
Private Duty Nurse?

Nursing is a calling that takes equal parts skill and compassion. Nurses who work in hospitals or other public settings, and those on private duty, all work to provide a level of effective and empathetic care to their patients. If you are in the nursing profession and currently employed at a hospital, you may not realize how many advantages there are in shifting to a private duty career path.

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Clearer Priorities

Hospital nurses have many “bosses.”  They need to take care of several patients at one time, all of whom may have different physicians and specialists attending to them. They also have to communicate with those clients’ family members. Ultimately, a hospital nurse may be answerable to dozens of different people.

By contrast, private duty nurses can focus solely on their current client and any members of that person’s family who may be in the home. They don’t have to balance competing demands from many people. They just need to come up with a way to best manage the unique needs and conditions of a single client. Not only does this mean less stress, but it also allows private duty nurses to give care that works better, faster, and longer.

A Human Connection 

Hospital nurses often say they never really get to know their clients. They see them for a few minutes at a time, and even if they grow to like those clients as people, eventually their clients will be discharged. While this is generally a good thing in terms of health outcomes, it can be dissatisfying for a medical professional to never really know the positive impact they had on a person’s recovery.

Private duty nurses usually work in a home setting, and they can forge a realistic relationship with their clients. Not only does this fill the human need for an interpersonal connection, but it may also give a private duty nurse an opportunity to see an ill person get better gradually under their care. There are few more rewarding things in the health care profession than that!

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